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Practical benefits of FlexLogin

Flexible login methods.

Workstations can still be shared, but now safely.

Programs running in the background will continue to run after locking.

No waiting when logging in or out.

Logging in or out of external applications can be done with the help of FlexLogin.

Logs when employees use computers within your company.

Shared computers

You may recognize this situation: Within your company, computers are often logged in with generic accounts (eg desk 1, computer 1, etc.) with passwords that are known to all employees. If someone walks away from the computer, they usually remain open unattended. In fact, users must be logged in with personal accounts, but that is too much effort as it takes too much time.

Consequence: Poorly secured workstations and barely a record of which employee had access to the data, let alone who changed that data. Previously, that was not such a problem, but with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPG) we have to take these things more seriously.

Personal computer

Does your company work with personal Windows accounts and are there strict rules regarding leaving workstations unattended? With FlexLogin you can very quickly log in or out with 2-factor authentication. Using a means of identification (e.g. card) and personal pin code.

If personal Windows accounts are used within your company for the sole purpose of ensuring security, but experience this as very impractical, then FlexLogin does offer a very practical solution. Because FlexLogin has personal security on generic accounts, it is no longer necessary to use personal accounts.

FlexLogin as a solution!

FlexLogin adds an extra layer of security to the workstations and blocks the entire system as long as there is no identification (e.g. a card) present. As soon as an employee presents his card and personal pin code, the computer immediately unlocks and the open applications can be used again. When you remove the card, the screen, keyboard and mouse are locked again. In a log is registered which employees use the workstations within your company. The user is therefore still logged in with a generic Windows account, but has also received a personal layer of security.

Free trial!

Do you wish to try FlexLogin? We offer free access for one employee. FlexLogin works with all standard NFC card readers and corresponding cards. These card readers and cards can be purchased in our web shop.