Release Notes Portal

Portal V1.5.1

New features


  • It is now possible to search by name for Employees, Identifiers and Devices.



  • Cards are now Identifiers (IDs).


  • Dashboard info, Employees page and Devices page now load much faster.
  • Backend upgrade.

Bug fixes

Number of identifiers in employees overview

  • The number of identifiers no longer included the removed ones.

Portal V1.5

New features

Tap-in, Tab-out

  • Tap-in, tap-out can be switched on or off in the global settings or individually per device.
  • Separate time-out for tap-in, tap-out.

No Pincode

  • Checking the PIN code in the FlexLogin Client can be switched on or off in global settings or individually per device.

Background opacity

  • The background can now be set slightly or even completely transparent in the portal settings or individually per device.

Bug fixes

Row numbers in tables

  • When the row quantity was adjusted on the last page, no items were shown.

Portal V1.4.1

New features

External Applications

  • Add external applications to connect them to FlexLogin.



  • For everything that needs to be removed, the question first comes up whether this is desired.

Bug fixes

Internet Explorer

  • Problems logging in the portal on Internet Explorer.

Portal V1.3

New features

Always start FlexLogin

  • FlexLogin can be started even if no reader is connected. This option can be adjusted in the portal as a globally setting or individually for each device. The device settings always overwrite the general settings.

Invoice overview

  • In the “Invoices” overview you can now see whether or not payment has been made, shown with the date of the received payment.



  • Improvements for generating invoice data, invoice PDF and invoice CSV.

Session data

  • Table row and table page numbers are now remembered per user session.