How does FlexLogin work exactly?

FlexLogin is a security layer that starts automatically after logging in to Windows. FlexLogin covers the screen and blocks all unwanted input, such as mouse and keyboard input.

Can FlexLogin be closed without the use of an ID (e.g. card)?

No. But it is possible to do this via the FlexLogin portal from any other device.

Is it possible to display my own logo in the background?

Yes. You can do this in the Portal – Settings.

Is FlexLogin GDPG proof?

Yes. FlexLogin is designed to support companies in effectively securing their workstations, without creating obstacles for the user. Moreover, with FlexLogin it is possible to use shared accounts and registers employees who use this.

Is it possible to manage my employees and ID’s myself?

Yes. You can do the entire management yourself. It can also be done by several people. For example a person designated by you and / or your system administrator.

Does FlexLogin work without Internet?

Yes. The security and registration will continue to work. But when new employees, ID’s, devices or other adjustments are made, FlexLogin needs at least a temporary Internet connection.