Security and registration for shared and personal workstations

FlexLogin protects shared and personal workstations within small and large networks. Based on personal ID’s (e.g. cards and personal pin codes), users can log in/out really fast, after which you can immediately continue working with the already open applications on a computer. On removing the card, the computer will be blocked immediately.

Practical Security

FlexLogin offers the ideal combination of security and accessibility. You can continue working with existing users, passwords and settings. On top, FlexLogin adds an extra layer of security with personal identifiers. These identifiers are used to unlock computers.

Registration Of Activity

FlexLogin registers which employee logs in and out at the various workstations. This way you can find out exactly when employees use computers within your company.

Flexible Login Methods

FlexLogin offers the most practical way to log in/out, depending on what suits your company best.


After entering your personal pin code, the computer remains unlocked as long as your ID is on the reader. On removing the ID, the computer will be blocked immediately.

Tap-In, Tap-Out

Locks and unlocks the computer by briefly presenting your ID. Hereby it is not necessary to leave the ID on the reader to keep the computer unlocked.

Pin Code

Login with a pin code is optional.

Secure Windows Account

It is also possible that only you have access to your personal computer.

Linked Applications

With FlexLogin it is possible to link external applications (e.g. information systems). FlexLogin offers a practical solution for this. It is possible to log in/out at the same time to your computer and applications running on it (single sign-on).

Easy to Manage

Installing and managing FlexLogin is a breeze. You or your system administrator manages the identifiers, the PIN codes of your employees and much more. All from the cloud!

Accessible and Affordable

Effective security at an affordable price. That’s what FlexLogin is all about! Because FlexLogin is a Cloud service, you do not have to invest in the purchase or installation of complex software. You only pay for the employees using FlexLogin, and because managing FlexLogin is easy, you or your system administrator can do the management yourself.

Free trial!

Do you wish to try FlexLogin? We offer free access for one employee. FlexLogin works with all standard NFC card readers and corresponding cards. These card readers and cards can be purchased in our web shop.