New features

Tap-in, Tap-out

  • The Identifier (e.g. card) no longer has to remain on the reader. By holding the ID briefly against the reader FlexLogin will unlock. The screen will lock by doing it again. There is also a separate time-out that can be set in the portal, so that the screen is locked after a short period of inactivity.

No pin code check

  • You will no longer be asked for a pin code when presenting an ID.

Background opacity

  • The background can now be slightly or even completely transparent.

Update Service

  • Updates FlexLogin with new versions automatically. If the service is not running or is not working, FlexLogin will come up with a messageBox to do it manually.



Improved overlay handling

New Version MessageBox update timeout to 15 sec instead of 5 sec

Bug fixes

Cache problem

  • When there were non-ascii characters in employee names, the cache was not built correctly, so that the cache could not be accessed in the event of network problems.